Warning Signs

Should You Bring Your Vehicle In?

Automotive Brake Services in Cleburne Texas'CHECK BRAKE' LIGHTS
Emergency brake is on or you have a serious drop in hydraulic pressure. Your brakes may be near total failure. Come in immediately for an examination.

Sticking brakes, hot wheels or engine that seems to have lost power. Brakes may be failing to release; the condition can reverse itself, leaving you with no brakes at all.

"Touchy" brakes that grab with the least pressure. May indicate a problem as simple as grease or oil contaminated lining - or as serious as a loose or broken components ready to fail in an emergency.

Requires extreme pressure to make brake function. Can indicate power brake trouble, restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings.

Pedal nearly touches floorboard before brakes function. May activate your brake warning light. Problems may require a simple adjustment or indicate something much more serious.

Car pulls to one side when brakes are applied. May be an under inflated tire, misadjusted brakes or brakes are in need of repair.

Brakes should operate with a minimal amount of noise. Some noise is normal but excessive squeal, screech, grinding, groaning, chatter, clatter or bang means your brakes need attention.

Brake pedal, steering wheel or entire vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when brake is applied. May indicate need to resurface disc brake rotors - or signal a serious problem of a loose component or faulty steering mechanism.

Automotive Maintenance & Repair

Brakes, Alignments, and More!

Your car brake, alignment, and suspension issues should be handled by the professional mechanics at Quality Brakes and Alignment in Cleburne, Texas to ensure that they are addressed properly. Let a trusted auto and tire repair shop take care of your auto concerns. Bring your car to Quality Brakes and Alignment for quality auto solutions. Being a locally owned business, we know what it takes to provide exceptional customer services to the community.


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