My brakes have started to squeak when I apply the brakes, could there be a problem?

Yes and No. Some brake noise is normal and unavoidable. Demanding driving conditions such as traffic congestion, severe braking, dusty/sandy conditions, abusive braking and even humidity can cause unwanted brake noise. These conditions promote glazing (surface hardening) or crystallization, which is a hardening of the brake pad/shoe surface or the entire brake pad.

The lesser of the two, surface hardening, can usually be sanded off with common sandpaper. The more problematic condition, entire pad crystallization, would require pad replacement to eliminate the noise. However, the cause of the hardening, if not corrected, would simply re-crystallize the pads. A simple pad replacement would not be a long-term solution.

Have your brakes checked by one of our quality technicians to confirm the requirement for repair. High demand brake use can easily cause more damage to more components in the brake system than just the brake pads. Brake noise can also occur if the brake system has a weak link. The brake system is only as good as its' weakest component.

A faulty part can cause a chain reaction of failures to other components that could cause problems ranging from more than normal occasional noise to total brake failure.

Is your car or truck exhibiting warning signs that it needs service?

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